Sunday, November 1, 2009

"Trick-or-Treat, Smell My Face"

Yesterday the weather was beautiful, so we decided to start our Halloween off in Kemah. They advertised having trick-or-treating and lots of shows for the kiddos down on the boardwalk, so it was a fun way to start the day.

Before we left both of my boys decided to use some of Carson's left-over "Big Boy Fairy" hair spray to get into the spirit of things. Here they are showing off their blue 'do's:

My parents, sister, and nephews met us down there for the festivities as well, and we decided to enjoy lunch outside at the Flying Dutchman.

Carson is known for being the kid who will eat just about anything, and if he doesn't like it, he is at least willing to try. Brian ordered raw oysters for his meal, and challenged Carson to eating one. Being our little hoover, Carson was more than happy to sample. Anytime a kid tries raw oysters merits photos being taken...

The look on his face in the last picture was the immediate reaction after chewing for about a minute. When he finally got it down, he smiled and said it was "yummy." lol

After we were done with our meal, we headed over to watch a magic show & take our picture by the giant pumpkin. (Somewhere around this house I have a picture of me wearing the exact same shirt when I was pregnant with Carson posing by the giant pumpkin in Kemah. It would be interesting to compare tummy's)

Poor Carson insisted on sitting down, and is camouflaged by mine & Brian's bellies.

After photos, Brian & Ethan went through the haunted house while Carson & I went to all the shops to trick-or-treat. When we were finished, we headed home to get ready for the night.

There is a great taqueria/market by our house that sells fantastic marinated fajita meat. Last year we grill fajitas, projected movies on our garage, passed out candy & took Carson trick-or-treating in our neighborhood. It worked out so well, we have decided to make it our tradition. Brian's aunt & uncle came over, as did my sister and her boys. We projected "Monsters vs. Aliens" on our garage and passed out candy until it was time to go trick-or-treating.
Carson was a still a little tired from Kemah when the party got started, so he napped in the lawn chair until our first trick-or-treaters arrived.

James, Carson's best friend who lives next door, showed up in his fireman outfit! Carson had just woken up at this point and could not be convinced to smile for the pictures...
After more children arrived, Carson was given the job of passing out candy, and took it very seriously!

A few of the kids who stopped by would say, "trick or treat, smell my feet!" Carson thought this was hilarious, except for the fact that he misunderstood them. The rest of the night he told everyone "trick or treat, smell my FACE!" lol It was so cute, and I probably should have corrected him, but everyone got a good laugh every time he said it!

Once the boys arrived, Aunt Debra took over passing out candy, while we went on our candy hunt. We had to explain to Carson that the houses would be giving US candy and not the other way around...he was convinced that we were supposed to take our bucket of candy with us and knock on doors to give them candy. He was thrilled each time he walked away from a house with more candy in his bag, like the people who lived there made a mistake.

We made one huge lap around the neighborhood and came back home to eat candy & fajitas. By the time we got back all of the candy had been passed out, and Brian had improvised by passing out left-over Valentine's pencils to the poor children who stopped by... Luckily, I had another stash in the kitchen he didn't see, but I am wondering if we will get any kids at our house next year or be known as the weird pencil

As the night wound down all the kids came inside to play and eat their candy, while the adults watch the UT/Oklahoma State game. I think everyone had a great time!

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