Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Carson's 6th Birthday Party

I used to be a huge advocate of at-home parties, but after having Carson's party at a venue last year, I realized how much easier and cheaper it is! I am able to relax and take pictures while the hosts run around.

Carson chose Chuck E. Cheese as the place to celebrate turning 6 and had a wonderful time!

Having a December birthday can be tough, but each year we are surprised by the turn-out he receives.

The first hour the kids spend their tokens playing games and the second hour is spent eating and opening presents. Deacon loves pizza!

Even for a Sunday evening, they were packed! We were very fortunate to get the table at the side of the party room so our group could spread out.

Cake time!

They really took care of the birthday boy, giving him a crown and medal.

Then, out came Chuckie!

Carson's favorite part of the party was the Ticket Blaster! We gave him a few pointers beforehand and he was ready!

He made out with over 200 tickets!
Next up: presents! Carson's Spanish teacher, Mrs. Jaramillo, even showed up and brought Operation.

I don't know how these six years have flown by so fast! Happy birthday, Big Brother!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Day 2011

Santa obviously thought the boys were good this year because they were SPOILED! They both received football decor for their room, Carson got an XBox Kinect with 8 games and an extra controller, and Deacon now owns about every toy that lights up and plays music for his age! Brian and I didn't do too bad ourselves. I was given two purses, gift cards to Bath and Body Works, Kirklands, and a massage, along with a bunch of goodies for the house. Brian opened his pressure cooker, two belts, a wallet, gift card to Home Depot and clothes. We gave the grandparents photo books with pictures of the boys (I will probably blog about later) along with a few other gifts.

My absolute favorite part of Christmas this year was watching the boys play together as they opened presents. I can only imagine how much more fun future Christmas' will be with our three boys together, and then one day their families as well.

Deacon LOVED his new Fisher-Price house (I think Carson loved it a little too)!

He also really loved the shiny wrapping paper that Meme used!
Carson helped Deacon open his presents, while also tearing into his own!
For some reason Santa thought it was a good idea to bring Carson a 2 POUND candy cane in his stocking, even though we still have left over Halloween candy that hasn't been eaten...

Football slippers:
This glow-board was actually meant for Deacon, but because there were no tags on it, Carson claimed dibs on it. Maybe they can share?
Big ticket gift, XBox from Grandma and Grandpa:
Yes, we gave Carson Call of Duty. I guess we are "those" parents...but he already plays it at his cousins anyways, and I have yet to see any violent tendencies.

After taking so many pictures this weekend, I have also discovered Deacon's new chipmunk smile! He grins so big that his cheeks puff up and his eyes squint. I must admit, it is completely adorable.

Am I right!?!

My sister and her boys came over for breakfast, but in the midst of all the fun I must have forgotten to take any pictures!

Pretty soon it was time to clean up (4 trash bags worth of boxes and wrapping paper), our cat Lola thought she would help out by finishing up what Santa had left:

On to Grandma and Grandpa's house where we had a delicious dinner and played White Elephant!
Deacon enjoyed climbing on his cousins presents.
Carson had a blast having a dance-off with his new XBox game.
Grandpa even showed off a few moves that had us rolling!
This was one of my favorite photos of the day. Deacon loves his Dada's beard, giving Brian the opportunity for lots more kisses.
Grandma and Grandpa have gone to a few 3D movies:
We finished off the evening celebrating our nieces birthday, who was born on Christmas day last year.
Hope your Christmas was merry too!