Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Carson's Kindergarten Christmas

Carson's school had Supper with Santa before the break, where the Kindergartners also performed Christmas carols. Prior to the main event, he played at some of the craft tables they had set up.

Cookie decorating:

Door hanger:

Look at that handwriting! :)

Carson's class was absolutely adorable at their performance!!

Belting in out!

This picture is my ABSOLUTE favorite:

The kid on the top row totally reminds me of Will Ferrell in the ELF: "The best way to spread Christmas cheers is singing loud for all to hear!" I also love the kid next to Carson who is covering his face crying, and the boy in the front row who looks like he is asleep! Did I mention how stinkin' cute Kindergartners are?!?

Carson had quite the crowd there to watch him! Grandpa, Grandma, Daryl, Brian, Deacon, and me.

As you can see Deacon was either mesmerized by the music or the Cheetos...

Carson also had a class party the last day of school before Christmas Break. Brian and I had to work, so my mother went to help out. The night before, we made fruit kabobs to contribute to the party and they were a hit!

Carson had a great time!

This was my favorite picture from the party, Carson (who looks absolutely adorable) and his friend Everett.

It's times like these that I wish I could be a stay-at-home/room mom, but I am so glad we have family to attend the functions along with us or in place of us!


Anonymous said...

Carson and Deacon always look absolutely adorable. That comes from a complete stranger. I think they could easily be child models, if that wouldn't "mess" them up. They are just exceptional in their photos. Thanks for sharing them and the equally cute stories. Love the editorial of Will Ferrell, et al. Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones.

The Scott Family said...

Thank you! :)