Saturday, February 27, 2010

2 Weeks

This week you had your 2 week check-up and now weigh 9lbs. 14oz. and grew an inch, bringing you to 21 inches! It might have something to do with your 6 oz. feedings every 4-5 hours. Although you have been awake more this 2nd week, you still sleep most of the time, leaving mommy & daddy well rested. When awake, you are so easy-going and like to sit quietly looking around the room and especially like have your feet rubbed. Carson has been a big help fetching bottles, pacifiers, and toys to keep you happy, while yelling "Superhero Big Brother to the Rescue!!"

Monday, February 22, 2010

"I'm Gonna Miss This"

I just HAD to share my favorite blog of all time with you. It was written over a month ago by a blogger who is a stay-at-home mom, pregnant with their 5th child! She calls herself "MckMama" and all of her children have nicknames that sound straight from McDonalds.

I swear this blog gave me a whole new perspective on my amazing children and not to take one second for granted, even those seconds that are tough.

"How do you do it? How do you stay so calm with four young children?"

Part of it is just how God made me, I think. I am pretty calm with my children. And, honestly, often I stay calm even in the midst of chaos because, frankly, it's better than the alternative. A shrieking, freaking out mama is not going to make an already stressful situation any better. So, for the most part, I stay calm and try to be in the moment with my children.

But how do I do it?

There is one little bit of inspiration that literally descended upon me almost two years ago, while I was holding Nuggey in the bathroom, that has completely revolutionized my parenting. When I keep this truth in mind, I find it as easy as apple pie to stay calm in the midst of toddler chaos.

I remember that I'm gonna miss this.

It was dark, during the end of bathtime, and Prince Charming was gone. I was doing dinner, baths and bedtime myself those days, as my husband worked late. It had been, undoubtedly, a long day with the kids. Big Mac was three, Nuggey was one and a half and Small Fry was a baby. It is as clear as day still, this memory.

I was sitting on the toilet, drying MckNugget off after his bath. Small Fry, unable to roll, was sprawled on the floor of the bathroom on some towels, wearing nothing but a diaper and a grimace. Big Mac was still in the tub. He was squawking to get out and Small Fry was bellyaching for attention. But I slowly wrapped Nuggey up in his towel, determined to stay calm, and cuddled him in terrycloth. I slowly rocked him back and forth in my arms and sang Rock-a-bye Baby to my second born.

As I wrapped up the song, I prepared to sit Nuggey up and attend to the chaos that was the other children. After all, there were baths to finish, teeth to brush, diapers to put on, jammies to find and beds to tuck children into. But as he sensed me about to right him, Nuggey tossed his wet head back in my arms and looked up at me. "Uh-gain!"

So I sang Rock-a-bye Baby one more time, but I told him it would be the last. Yet when I finished, he begged again for more.

I didn't want to do more. I didn't want to sing to him one more time. I was tired. Tired of children, tired of singing, tired of the day. I just wanted it to be over. But then suddenly, as if fairy dust was sprinkled from the heavens right onto my tired head, the entire reality of my future set in.

I'm gonna miss this.

I looked down at little Nuggey, his damp eyelashes long and dark batting at me, his tiny bottom cradled in my hand, his soft, chubby legs thrown over my arm, his body entirely dependent on mine as I held him in my lap, and I could see the future. Nuggey, a grown boy, sporting a football jersey and facial hair, walked out of the bathroom. It was going to happen, and soon. And while I knew there would be joys with that time in my life, when our young children are teenagers and beyond, it struck me like a ton of bricks.

When that time comes, I'm gonna miss this.

When Nuggey comes home from college, barely speaks a word to me and hibernates in his bedroom all summer, I'm gonna miss this. As my mind fast forwarded to the future, I knew that at that moment, I would give anything for 20 year old Nuggey to be a toddler again, just for one more hour, so I could rock him and sing while I stroked his wet head.

And here, years earlier, I was being given my wish. I was able to rock Nuggey, a nearly helpless babe in arms, one more time.

Given a new perspective from which to see, I sang Rock-a-bye Baby as many times as Nuggey would let me that night. Eventually Small Fry found her hands and started admiring them, and Big Mac grabbed a new tub toy. And I relished that time with my son in my arms, knowing that soon enough he would be all grown, and my arms would ache to hold him like a baby again.

I'm gonna miss this.

My mind cannot help but wander to those parents who have lost children. What on earth would they not give to hold their children again, even for a moment. I bet they would not complain about having to sing Rock-a-bye Baby one more time. Rather, they would probably give their right arm to sing it ten million times until their voice was hoarse and their eyelids closed in slumber.

And women with empty wombs who long and pray and ache for children? What honor am I doing them if I take for granted the fact that I have children, young children who are begging me to cuddle them, sing to them. I will love those women who long for a baby by loving my babies and not taking them for granted.

So, I determined right there and then in the bathroom to try to be ever thankful for the moments I do have with my children. I will not wish away their young years, always hoping to get more laundry done or other children dried off. I will relish each kiss, hug and song. I will leave their childhood behind with no regrets, no "I love you" unsaid, no cheek unkissed, no request to "Cuddle wif' me!" turned down. Even as the macaroni flies and the Sharpie stains my table, even when there are midnight wailers and globs of Desitin under my fingernails, I know...

...I know I'm gonna miss this.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

1 Week

We did so well keeping up with Carson's weekly pictures for the first year (you can view a few here), that I thought we would try again with Deacon. I was committing myself to at least take his monthly picture with a little blurb about what he is up to that month, but as his 7th day approached it felt weird not to do his weekly pic as well. I'll try my very best to keep up with it, but I'm not making any promises!

I can't wait to take his first month picture with the onesies that I blogged about here, that my wonderful friend Brandi bought for him:

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Just a Walk in the Park

I was so oblivious when I had Carson. Throughout my pregnancy with him I envisioned our maternity leave together to be days where we both got dressed up and took trips to the park.


First of all he was born in December, not really a month for park weather. Second, he was a who couldn't lift his own head, let alone enjoy sliding or swings or even stay awake long enough to enjoy being outside, had the weather allowed. Gosh I was clueless!

Instead, we spent those first few weeks together staying in our pj's all day, sleeping, and watching Ellen. He was waking every 2-3 hours to be fed, so I was a sleepless zombie and so nervous and stressed every time he cried.

Oh, how different things are this time around. I feel so much calmer and have a little experience under my belt to know things like he won't die if I can't get to him in 30 seconds when the crying starts, or not to wake a sleeping baby to eat every 3 hours like the hospital tells you; they will let you know when they are hungry. I think God has also rewarded us with a big boy that can eat a little more which allows him to sleep in longer intervals. Which has left us rested and ready to take on the days!

Today brought us GORGEOUS weather!! A perfect day for a trip to the park. And we have a child old enough to actually enjoy it! (Although I think Deacon enjoyed himself as well.)

After getting loaded up in the car, we headed to our local park, which also sports a lovely pond with ducks to feed.
For some reason we had tons of stale bread at our house, and I think the ducks could smell it through the bag the way they were following Carson.

My boys! :)

The ducks were happy:
As you can see, Deacon was having a BLAST! (He is SO stinkin' cute!)

Next, we made our way over to the playground.

And the boys played some football:
...then back to the playground:
Do I really have to go back to work in a few short weeks??? I think we need to hit the lottery...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Deacon Kyle Scott

...has arrived!!!!

I have always promised myself not to be one of those "tmi" people who go into graphic detail about things acquaintances shouldn't know. I'll try my best to stay in that category. :)

Friday morning we woke up at 5:00 am and called the hospitals Labor & Delivery Department to see if there was room for me to be induced; there was and I was told to arrive by 7:15am. We went ahead and stayed up because we were way too excited and nervous to go back to bed. On the way out the door we took one last picture of my belly (excuse the hair and lack of makeup, it was too early to mess with all of that...)

In the words of Carson: I was officially done cooking!!

We arrived to the hospital early, so I was hooked up to the iv and ready to start by 8:00am. The iv is always the hardest part for me, and once I get past that the rest is easy breezy. Our doctor showed up about that time to check on me and break my water.

At 10:00am the hospital gods came in and gave me my epidural. There are no words to describe the gratitude I have for those people. From that point on I never felt one bit of pain or contraction.

12:30pm - Doctor came back and checked on me. She said she thought it would be about dinner time when I would have Deacon.

4:00pm - Nurses decide I am ready!! They call our doctor back, who is with her last patient of the day and says she will be right over.

4:30pm - Our doctor arrives & the pushing begins.

4:38pm - Deacon enters the world!!!

While they cleaned Deacon up we all guessed how much we thought he would weigh. Our nurse thought 8 lbs. 13oz. and we told her no way, he was not that big. Our doctor guessed 8 lbs. 5 oz., and Brian and I agreed with her. They set him on the scale and he came in at a whopping 9 lbs. 5oz.!!! Carson was 7 lbs. 13oz. & I thought labor with him had been so much harder!!

Once they were done cleaning him up and taking stats, he was handed back to us like a bundled little package:

We made a promise to Carson that he would get to be Deacon's first visitor, so Brian went to the waiting room and brought back our new big brother.

He literally skipped into the room, beaming from ear to ear:

...and was instantly ready to hold him:
We made him pose for a picture first:
...then the snuggling could begin:

Once Carson got his fill, the Grandma's came in to check him out:

...and more visitors:

Let me just say as a completely biased mother, he is the most perfect baby and already reminds us of Carson made over!

Deacon Kyle Scott
February 12, 2010
4:38 pm
9 pounds 5 ounces
20 inches

Thursday, February 11, 2010

"Big Brother Eve"

Because I am scheduled to be induced tomorrow, Brian and I wanted to make Carson's last day as an "only" child extra special. We made the day all about him, and let him decide our plans. No surprise when he chose every 4 year old's favorite destination: Chuck E. Cheese.

We spent most of the afternoon eating pizza and playing video games.

When all tokens had been spent, we cashed in our tickets and hit the prize table. As if Chuck E. Cheese activities hadn't been enough, Carson was THRILLED to find a new addition to their prizes...

You guessed it, GORMITI'S!!

We lucked out in two ways:

1) They actually had Gormiti's that Carson doesn't own (a blessing itself seeing as he now owns over 50, and any time Brian & I go shopping at Wal-mart, Target, or Walgreens we make a special trip to the toy section to see if they have stocked up on new ones, fearing they may be discontinued...)

2) We didn't have enough tickets, but Chuck E. Cheese now lets you buy any of the prizes for a penny a ticket. So for a couple of extra bucks we were able to leave with, as Carson put it "a proud Gormiti owner."

Our next stop: Jumpin' Jungle

Carson couldn't quite understand why Momma wouldn't get in and jump with him...

Although it may have helped my labor, I was not about to roll my 9 month pregnant belly into one of those inflatables and hop around. I think the employees would have called an ambulance. So I sat and watched him and Brian play. Luckily for Brian, I only captured Carson's craziness in the picture.

By the time we loaded up in the car, and looked in the backseat, this is what we found:

Carson sound asleep with his Gormiti package covering his eyes. He needs to rest up, he has a big day tomorrow meeting his little brother. :)