Thursday, February 11, 2010

"Big Brother Eve"

Because I am scheduled to be induced tomorrow, Brian and I wanted to make Carson's last day as an "only" child extra special. We made the day all about him, and let him decide our plans. No surprise when he chose every 4 year old's favorite destination: Chuck E. Cheese.

We spent most of the afternoon eating pizza and playing video games.

When all tokens had been spent, we cashed in our tickets and hit the prize table. As if Chuck E. Cheese activities hadn't been enough, Carson was THRILLED to find a new addition to their prizes...

You guessed it, GORMITI'S!!

We lucked out in two ways:

1) They actually had Gormiti's that Carson doesn't own (a blessing itself seeing as he now owns over 50, and any time Brian & I go shopping at Wal-mart, Target, or Walgreens we make a special trip to the toy section to see if they have stocked up on new ones, fearing they may be discontinued...)

2) We didn't have enough tickets, but Chuck E. Cheese now lets you buy any of the prizes for a penny a ticket. So for a couple of extra bucks we were able to leave with, as Carson put it "a proud Gormiti owner."

Our next stop: Jumpin' Jungle

Carson couldn't quite understand why Momma wouldn't get in and jump with him...

Although it may have helped my labor, I was not about to roll my 9 month pregnant belly into one of those inflatables and hop around. I think the employees would have called an ambulance. So I sat and watched him and Brian play. Luckily for Brian, I only captured Carson's craziness in the picture.

By the time we loaded up in the car, and looked in the backseat, this is what we found:

Carson sound asleep with his Gormiti package covering his eyes. He needs to rest up, he has a big day tomorrow meeting his little brother. :)

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l.borrego said...

What a fun day for your family of three...and tomorrow it will be four! Praying for you tomorrow that you are comfortable and that things go smoothly!!