Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bennett: 4 Months

Bennett: you are about to end your 4th month!
You weigh about 18.5 lbs. and are close to 26 inches long.
You wear size 9-18 month clothes and size 3 diapers.
This month you rolled over from front to back for the first time!
You have made yourself right at home in our family and love getting attention and smiles from anyone willing to share them.  You think Carson is the funniest kid ever and he can make you grin instantaneously.
 You smile almost all the time, except when the camera is flashing in your face...I have made it my goal to capture that gummy grin on film!
Drooling is your new thing to do, requiring us to change your bib often so that your little neck doesn't stay soaked.  We can feels some knots in your gums along with you chewing on anything you can get your hands on, so teeth should be arriving soon!
You love being held, or at the least, being sat up so you can see everything that is going on. You like tummy time for short periods of time too.  Standing is definitely your favorite!  You like to grab onto our fingers to balance while you stand.
You love your bottle, but aren't a huge fan of eating yet.  You will tolerate cereal, but make faces if we give you any other baby food to try.
You love your bouncer too!  You laugh and smile as you jump and sometimes Deacon will come over and help bounce you.  Because your hand coordination has gotten better you like to play with the toys on your bouncer too.
You are still sleeping in our room and wake up a couple of times at night for your bottle or pacifier.  You would prefer to snuggle up in bed with us while you sleep, but only get to at nap time.
Your noise have increased to, so you are jabbering all the time and have learned to make a variety of sounds.  We can't wait until you start talking and can tell us what's on your mind! :)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Visit from the Tooth Fairy

Carson lost his first tooth! And when I say "lost" I mean literally in it fell out and he didn't notice until later.

Luckily, the Tooth Fairy is an understanding gal, and all it takes is a handwritten note to her explaining what happened:

When we woke up the following morning, we found the picture she left behind:

...along with the sparkly loot (you can't see in the picture, but his dollar was covered in fairy dust).

The tooth was his bottom front and you can't even see a gap because his adult tooth had already come up behind the baby tooth before it fell out.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Back to School

Carson is now a first grader!! Still not sure how it is possible, but our big boy just keeps getting bigger.

Carson was thrilled to find out his best friend and neighbor, James, is in his class too! So they are spending just about every waking hour together: bus ride to and from school, during class, lunch, recess, PE, and after school too!
Carson loves having his very own desk this year.

He also loves his teacher, Ms. Gilbert, who has already nicknamed him "Cutie Pie Carson." He even brought her a gift for the first day of school full of fruit-themed candy:
I can't wait to see how much Carson learns this year!