Saturday, September 1, 2012

Back to School

Carson is now a first grader!! Still not sure how it is possible, but our big boy just keeps getting bigger.

Carson was thrilled to find out his best friend and neighbor, James, is in his class too! So they are spending just about every waking hour together: bus ride to and from school, during class, lunch, recess, PE, and after school too!
Carson loves having his very own desk this year.

He also loves his teacher, Ms. Gilbert, who has already nicknamed him "Cutie Pie Carson." He even brought her a gift for the first day of school full of fruit-themed candy:
I can't wait to see how much Carson learns this year!


Ashley said...

He is so cute !!! Definitely have a heartbreaker on your hands!

Cheap BB Guns said...

Carson you are awesome and doing great. keep it up.