Monday, April 13, 2009


Carson always makes holidays so much fun, and Easter was no exception! The picture above is my favorite! He was so excited to fill up his Sponge Bob basket with all of those Easter Eggs!

Carson, Jakob, Kollette, & I went to Bass Pro Shop on Saturday for an Easter Egg Hunt. The Easter Bunny was also there to take pictures.

On Saturday, we also went to the "Pearland Egg Drop," where a helicopter dropped 30,000 eggs onto the football field! We arrived early so that we could find parking and get a good spot by the field. Unfortunately it got too crowded and the egg drop wasn't scheduled until 3 hours after we had arrived, so the boys were tired and ready to leave before we witnessed the big event!

After a nice nap, Meme, Carson & I dyed Easter Eggs:

Carson did a fantastic job!!

The next morning, we woke up to find that the Easter Bunny had visited our house!! He left an Easter Basket full of candy, toys, and SHOES! (I put in a special call to the Easter Bunny to let him know that Carson is very picky about his shoes, so I guess he thought it was a good idea to put 2 pairs of shoes in the basket just to be on the safe side!)

He is one smart bunny b/c sure enough, Carson only thought one pair "fit right."

After an amazing church service, we went over to Grandma & PawPaw's house for lunch & an egg hunt! (This one had $$ in it, and Carson made out like a bandit!)

Carson also got a vtech video game!! Here he is showing off his singing skills. It was hilarious!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Officially Addicted

Right next to Brian's job is a place that makes tapioca smoothies. They basically consist of yummy smoothie flavor with these black little tapioca balls at the bottom. At first they appear quite strange because as you drink you must also chew, and they come with extra wide straws so the tapioca can go through, but now I am officially addicted! They are so tasty, but also filling, so it is like a meal in a drink. My favorite is the strawberry-banana.

Poor Brian is having to pick them up on his way home from work all the time for least he is making new friends with the owners! :)

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Carson had his first experience with crawfish today, and although he thought they were too spicy to eat, he didn't mind playing with the live ones (much to our surprise!).

Here is our brave little boy:


Ok, well I will show my youth a little here: I went to the Britney Spears concert last week, and it was the BEST CONCERT EVER!!!

Back in college my roommate, Tracey, and I went to a Britney Spears concert, before she went insane & shaved her head. It was an awesome concert and we had such a blast. Well this Christmas, Tracey surprised me with tickets for us to see Britney in concert again, at the Toyota Center for her "Circus" Tour. All I can say is: FABULOUS! It really was like a circus, with clowns and stunt devils; and although Britney may still have a little crazy flowing through her veins, she definitely knows how to put on a fantastic show!

Tracey got us really great seats, and the row behind us were people who had won tickets off a local radio station.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Before Carson was born, Brian & I were big movie buffs. We would usually go to the movies about once a week. Obviously, after Carson was born, that changed. We have been patiently waiting for Carson to become old enough to take to the movies, and now we can have an excuse to go see the cute kid movies that come out!

A few months ago I took Carson to see Bolt in 3-D. He made it almost til the end but got bored about 15 minutes before it ended, so we left. I waited a few weeks and went to take him to see another movie. We went straight after church, and arrived about 45 minutes before the movie started. We went to the concession stand, and spent $20 on his kid pack and my drink and twizzlers. We took all of our goodies in and sat down. By the time the previews were over and the movie was about to begin, Carson had already finished his snack and was ready to go. I tried to convice him to stay but he was having none of that. So with Carson screaming in one arm, and my drink & twizzlers in the other, we went back to the ticket counter and got a refund. I decided it would be a while before we tried that adventure again...

Well, I guess three times is a charm!

Tonight Brian & I took Carson to see Monsters vs. Aliens tonight, and he sat and watched the whole movie!! We were so excited that we rewarded him with letting him play video games in the arcade before we left! He is turning into such a big boy!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Well Carson is officially our social butterfly.

Brian wanted to work on payroll last night and asked if I would take Carson to McDonalds so that he could work in a quiet house. So off Carson & I went! We got his usual Happy Meal, and he sat down to eat before playing. Because it was a Wednesday night, they were really slow, so there was only one other little boy there, who was probably 4 or so. When Carson was finished eating, he went up to play in the playground with the little boy. He couldn't have been up there for more than a minute before I hear him talking to the boy.

Carson: "Are you my best friend?"

I couldn't hear the little boys response, but I was hoping that he would say something nice in return. A few minutes later Carson came back down and to eat a couple of bites of his hamburger. From the play equipment I hear the little boy yelling for Carson.

Boy: "Best friend, come play with me!!"