Saturday, April 4, 2009


Before Carson was born, Brian & I were big movie buffs. We would usually go to the movies about once a week. Obviously, after Carson was born, that changed. We have been patiently waiting for Carson to become old enough to take to the movies, and now we can have an excuse to go see the cute kid movies that come out!

A few months ago I took Carson to see Bolt in 3-D. He made it almost til the end but got bored about 15 minutes before it ended, so we left. I waited a few weeks and went to take him to see another movie. We went straight after church, and arrived about 45 minutes before the movie started. We went to the concession stand, and spent $20 on his kid pack and my drink and twizzlers. We took all of our goodies in and sat down. By the time the previews were over and the movie was about to begin, Carson had already finished his snack and was ready to go. I tried to convice him to stay but he was having none of that. So with Carson screaming in one arm, and my drink & twizzlers in the other, we went back to the ticket counter and got a refund. I decided it would be a while before we tried that adventure again...

Well, I guess three times is a charm!

Tonight Brian & I took Carson to see Monsters vs. Aliens tonight, and he sat and watched the whole movie!! We were so excited that we rewarded him with letting him play video games in the arcade before we left! He is turning into such a big boy!

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