Thursday, April 2, 2009


Well Carson is officially our social butterfly.

Brian wanted to work on payroll last night and asked if I would take Carson to McDonalds so that he could work in a quiet house. So off Carson & I went! We got his usual Happy Meal, and he sat down to eat before playing. Because it was a Wednesday night, they were really slow, so there was only one other little boy there, who was probably 4 or so. When Carson was finished eating, he went up to play in the playground with the little boy. He couldn't have been up there for more than a minute before I hear him talking to the boy.

Carson: "Are you my best friend?"

I couldn't hear the little boys response, but I was hoping that he would say something nice in return. A few minutes later Carson came back down and to eat a couple of bites of his hamburger. From the play equipment I hear the little boy yelling for Carson.

Boy: "Best friend, come play with me!!"


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l.borrego said...

This almost made me cry! Your little boy is so beautiful! Also, how jealous am I that you saw Brit Brit? So jealous.