Thursday, March 5, 2009

Carson's 1st T-ball Practice

...well not so much.

We have been preparing for Carson's first t-ball practice for about a month now...well really since we found out we were having a boy, almost 4 years ago. Brian has been patiently waiting for the day Carson became old enough to start playing sports, and baseball is at the top of the list.

We signed him up at the Pearland YMCA in February. This past weekend we went to Academy and bought him his first glove and t-ball bat for his practice today. Last night we charged up the camcorder and cameras. My dad drove down from Grapeland and Brian's parents came from Pasadena to witness Carson's entry into the world of organized sports!

Well tonight we pulled up to the Y to find the parking lot in front of the baseball field EMPTY! I went inside to find out where everyone was, thinking that maybe they were meeting inside tonight. Nope. T-ball practice was canceled. Why? Because TAKS testing is going on this week. Last time I checked, three year old's didn't take the TAKS test... Needless to say, I am not a happy camper. Regardless, we made the best of the situation. We had a glove, bat, and baseball, so Carson's first practice became an impromptu game w/ the family. Luckily he was none the wiser.

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brandiandjason said...

and they didn't call to tell you??? That is horrible!!!!