Friday, December 23, 2011

Baby Bennett's 20 Week Ultrasound

Technology amazes me! It has only been two years since I had Deacon, and ultrasound equipment has already become more advanced. 3-D images are much more clear. Although an outsider may still find the grainy images a little creepy, we are thrilled to see the first glimpses of our new family member! The video clips are amazing too! You can see Bennett yawning, rubbing his eyes, and what even looks like a little wave!

At 20 weeks, Bennett is about the size of banana.

I love that he looks like he is smiling in this one:

We captured 2-D images as well, and Bennett was more than happy to remind us that he is a boy!

Upper body:


In less than 20 weeks, we will get to see this cutie in person!

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