Sunday, December 12, 2010

Carson's 5th Birthday Party

Guess how old my big guy is...

That's right, he is a whole hand old now and celebrated his birthday with a Mario bouncy party.

This is the first year we didn't have the party at our house and I was a little nervous to give over the control, decorations, and games that come with doing it yourself. But, when all was said and done it was so much easier and I could spend the time sitting back and enjoying his party instead of running around. And when the party was over, pack up and leave the mess THERE!

The one thing I still got to do was goody bags!

I made the tags myself through picnik and printed them at Walgreens for a whopping $5.

The favors inside were the biggest stress. I ordered gold coins, squishy balls, mustaches, bags and princess suckers from Oriental Trading on December 1st. They said the package would arrive the 10th (the day before the party). I knew we would be pushing it, but they usually ship really quick. Well, throughout the week I tracked the package and by Friday it was obvious the items weren't going to make it on time. I tried to expedite it, but they weren't able to. So, in a last ditch effort I called Oriental Trading and told them about the problem. They promised to overnight all the items with a guaranteed shipping before noon for free! And they did, thank goodness!

On to the party...

James rode with us, and because he was at the house while Carson was getting ready, he wanted a faux-hawk too!

Deacon played the adventurer on the Sesame Street bouncer.
Carson's cousins, Ethan and Austin, came too and looked dapper in their Mario 'staches.

Carson's girlfriend, Maia (I finally learned the spelling while addressing invites), didn't make it to the party, but he has another girl who loved him there, Alyssa, from his class...

Her dad told me that she was so excited to go to his party that she had woken up early that morning because she wanted to make sure she got to pick out his present.

At one point she moved in for a kiss.

...and this was his reaction!!

Hey, he's a one-woman kinda guy!

The other detail I could arrange was the cake. Like always, my favorite cake gal did an awesome job.

Carson absolutely loved his cake!

What he liked even better than the cake, was all the presents!!

Dada wasn't too impressed with the Zoobles, but look at his happy little face!

And finally there is a toy in the house I can play with! :)

I love this group shot with some of the kids and their mustaches!

The grown-ups were incredible sports too!

I had to twist some of their arms to get in the group photo! hehe

For some reason I forgot to take pictures of the bouncing...but I did get the money shot!

Happy birthday, sweet boy!

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