Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving Holiday

When Brian and I started dating we would spend Thanksgiving dinner-hopping so that we could see both of our families. After being together for eight years, this was our second year to celebrate Thanksgiving at our house! It is so nice to have everyone in the same room, and what's even better, everyone brings their best dish so it is a table full of our favorite food! I let my granny know that she was not allowed in the door without her fried squash, and Brian's deal-breaker is the green bean casserole.

This time around Carson broke the large end of the wishbone!

After dinner we played Mexican Train and looked through Black Friday sales ads.

...and Deacon hung out looking cute!

The next morning my mother and I woke up at 2:45 am and hit up HEB Plus by our house. It was so organized and we got everything we went for!

After shopping we loaded up for a trip to Grapeland for the weekend. Brian tried out the new gun he received for his birthday and attempted to deer hunt in the cold. Unfortunately, he didn't see a single deer while out in the stand. My dad gave him a hard time, because we didn't have any trouble seeing deer from the house.
He even recruited Carson for one of his trips, without luck...

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