Friday, December 24, 2010

Pictures with Santa

On Monday we went to Bass Pro Shop, where they do FREE pictures with Santa! We picked the boys up from school and headed over before we went to The Christmas Train.

The line wasn't long at all, and they had toys on display to play with while the kids waited. They also had a snow scene made of cotton set up to take pictures in, and the boys took full advantage of the stuff!

When it was our turn, we sat both boys on Santa's lap. Carson couldn't have been happier, and Deacon couldn't have cared less.

Deacon was so enthralled in the decorations the photographer had to work extra hard to get his attention. (haha, nice for it to be someone else for a change!)

This was the result:
I think Carson's smile was hurting from holding it so long!! He's such a trooper!

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