Tuesday, December 7, 2010


During the holidays Carson's daycare opens up the lobby for parents to sell homemade stuff. They are overflowing with tons of cute crafts that range from hair bows to Christmas decorations. The daycare doesn't take a cut, they just like for parents to do some holiday shopping and money making. The director has asked me the past couple of weeks what I am bringing, and I tried to explain to her that I am not super crafty, especially not crafty enough for someone to actually purchase something I have made.

Last week she asked me again, and I told her I could make some cake balls. She said that would be perfect. So all day Sunday I baked. I even used my favorite site to make a sign to display by my desserts.
I filled up the bowl with about 3 dozen balls and dropped them off Monday morning.

I spent yesterday and today baking, coating, sprinkling, and wrapping another 3 dozen to add to the quickly selling goodies. Three days of work and I will make about $70...not including food cost...probably closer to $50....lol

Carson's birthday is on Thursday and tonight I asked him what he would like to take to his school to share with his friends for his birthday.

Guess what he wanted??

Looks like I will be baking, coating, sprinkling, and wrapping 2 dozen more cake balls for Thursday...

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