Saturday, December 11, 2010

Discovery Green

After Carson's game last Saturday, my mother-in-law suggested we go to Discovery Green and enjoy the nice weather. We've never been before but have heard about the kid-friendly area reserved right in the middle of downtown, along with their outdoor ice skating rink for the holidays.

After walking around to check out the place, we sat on a hill and watched the boys enjoy the playground.

The guys had fun on the hill too!

Including Deacon, who wasn't too sure how to maneuver on the incline!

When the rest of the family arrived, they got the football out and played.

By the time we were finished playing at the park, the rink had opened for skating, and Santa even showed up for the occasion!

The skates they had for younger kids were awesome because they came with double blades! We had been nervous about how Carson would do, especially since he was still wearing his soccer uniform, but he skated circles around us!
Grandma rocked!! While all of us were too chicken to get out there, she pulled on those skates and went out there with the kids!

Carson had SO much fun; he skated forever! We each took a turn going out there with him while the others rested!

By that point Deacon was tired and ready to go, so we left with him, while Carson and everyone else went on a trolley ride through downtown looking at Christmas lights.

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