Thursday, December 2, 2010

Elf on the Shelf

I had to share this with y'all before the holiday passed! While we were waiting to have our photos taken last week, Brian walked next door to Borders and came back telling me about a book set called The Elf on the Shelf. My sweet husband knows me so well and thought this would be something right up my alley!

He was right, the set is totally fun and Carson already loves it!

The way it works is that you get an elf doll and a book (cost about $30 at Barnes&Noble). The story tells about Santa sending an elf to your house to watch over you and report back on if you were good or bad that day. Each morning he shows up in a new spot in the house for kids to find. The catch is that you can't touch him or his magic will disappear and he isn't allowed to talk to you. I wasn't sure if Carson would buy it, but sure enough he loves his little elf that he named Starry. He is so excited to wake up in the mornings and look for our hidden little elf! (And it works wonders for when Carson is in a less than stellar mood to remind him that Starry is watching...)

Starry has jumped from our fireplace, to the light fixture, to the bathroom, and this is where he appeared this morning:

...on Carson's mini-Christmas tree! Luckily, his hiding spots haven't been too tricky, or we might be running [extra] late in the mornings!

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Funky Fingered Lady said...

=) Cute. Hobby Lobby sells small elves, too, and they are 50% off right now so you could skip getting the book and write your own story, and save $25. =)