Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Tree Farm

Last weekend on our way home from Grapeland we stopped at Mill Hollow Christmas Tree Farm to cut down a tree. We have never done this before and we had so much fun!

They had so many activities for the kids, we didn't even have time to do everything before we were wore out!


Jude, the "petting dog"


Pumping water

Tire rolling was Carson's favorite


Carson was ready to chop down a tree!

But first, we roasted FREE hotdogs for lunch! Yes, they were FREE!

Carson wanted a tree for his room, and for $4.95, we were willing to oblige.

Next, we found our tree!

Did you expect a better picture of the boys with the tree?? hah!

Brian did a great job of cutting down our tree with the dull hand-saw. He said next year we will bring our own.

...but it eventually came down with the help of Carson!

The boys looked so sweet dragging their trees

Once we paid for the trees, they put them on a shaking machine to get all of the dead needles out

While they tied the trees to our roof, the boys and I went to play in the tree house
Then it was time to go! Poor Deacon was tired and ready!

When we got home we were all so tired from the trip, we decided to wait until the next day to decorate. Plus, it had sprinkled on the way home so the trees were a little damp.

I stopped on the way home from work the next day and picked up some mini ornaments and a star for Carson's tree. He felt so big decorating it all by himself. And I didn't even feel the need to stop him when he put three ornaments on the same branch. :)

Our tree turned out perfect as well!

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