Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Monday Night Football

For Brian's birthday, he wanted tickets to the Texans vs. Titans football game. Me, knowing nothing about football, thought I could just post a message on facebook asking to buy tickets from someone and spend a couple of hundred dollars, at most. That was when I was laughed at by most, and offered seats for $500. (Thanks Kristen, but we are too cheap, well at least I am, I'm sure Brian would have been willing to fork over the mula...)

We thought it was a lost cause.

Brian managing in the restaurant industry has some downsides, like the crappy hours, especially at night and on weekends, but sometimes has perks as well: free food when I don't feel like cooking dinner and connections. A few phone calls were made to their vendors and like magic free tickets appeared! Brian was a happy birthday boy, especially because the game fell on his birthday, it was being televised on Monday Night Football, and it was between one of our major rivals the Titans. Look how happy he is:

Brian's parents got him a Texan shirt for his birthday, so I went and bought one as well so we could both represent. The weather was great, a little cool so we needed long sleeved undershirts, but no jackets.

Luckily the game also fell on Thanksgiving week, so I was already off work, allowing us to get there early and tailgate! I'm not sure if you heard, but Houston recently won the award for Best Tailgating...we take our tailgating VERY seriously!

The owners of Brian's store usually tailgate at each game, so we tracked them down and hung out at their tent until the game began. They go all out on the food and refreshments, this time boiling some spicy shrimp and sides:
Brian kept warning me about how spicy the food was and that I probably wouldn't like it, but after that nasty glucose test earlier in the day EVERYTHING tasted wonderful in comparison, but neither me or Deacon thought it was too hot, it was perfect!

Once it was time, we headed inside to our FABULOUS, FREE seats! They were club level, on the 45 yard line! Here is a view of the players coming out from where we were sitting:

We ended up right next to another store owner, and they were super nice and took a picture of us in our seats:
The game was SO close. I know NOTHING about football, so Brian spent the game educating me. I now know what a first down is (even though I think the 2nd first down should be called a SECOND down, and then a THIRD down, and so on...but nope, they are all just first downs), and learned what the defense & offense do. He tried to explain more, but my brain just kinda shut down after that point...

We ended up losing. They tried to make a field goal (worth 3 points, hehe) with just a few seconds on the clock to tie up the game, but missed. I still thought it was a great game, and that's saying a lot since I usually just people-watch at sporting events.

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