Monday, November 9, 2009

Nightly Ritual

When I first became pregnant with Carson, my mother-in-law got us a wonderful book:

The way the book works is you start at the back, writing in your due date and work your way forward filling in all the dates, until you make it to the beginning of the book which is the date of conception. Then, each day you have a little blurb about what is going on with the baby that day, what day of your pregnancy you are on, how many days are left in the pregnancy, and just fun facts about pregnancy/childbirth throughout history.

For example, a summary of today:
*I am 165 days pregnant, with 101 days to go.

*Over the next 4 days, brain wave activity will begin for Deacon's visual and auditory systems.

*Worldwide, 98% of people alive today were born at home.

Reading the book every night turned into our pregnancy tradition with my pregnancy with Carson and has now continued with Deacon. It is nice to be up-to-date on what is going on inside my body and also helps Brian to feel connected to my pregnancies.

This time around, we have also added another tradition: foot rubs from Carson & Brian at our nightly reading using this yummy lotion from Victoria's Secret.

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Krist~Chun said...

Nothing beats foot rubs! I wish I had kept a active journal of my pregnancy with Nicky, I have an online one that I did with Mikey but nothing of Nicky. Im glad your doing that! It will be great to look back on