Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Sunday night, when Brian got off work, we went and registered for the upcoming baby shower (it's not until January, but I was excited). At the beginning of 2009 we went through the whole Dave Ramsey program (you can read about that here), and one of his big ideas is to have a garage sale getting rid of anything you don't use to start an emergency fund. We went all out. We raided the attic and sold a TON of baby stuff. Six months later I found out I was pregnant. With another boy. Due in the winter, just like Carson. lol

We did keep a lot of the big stuff, so we don't completely have to start over. But it is nice to be living in a house, instead of an apartment like we were when Carson was born, so we can fit his bouncy and a rocking chair without feeling cramped.

I think I enjoyed our trip more than Brian, he despises shopping, and in his opinion this was shopping. I let him have control of the scanner, which helped to entice him to participate a little more. Here he is being honory with the scanner:

We spent about an hour browsing the aisles and scanning our purchases and came up with a total of 60 items. Here are a few of my fav.'s
I could never figure out how to use a sling with Carson, so it is my goal to get Deacon in one. I talked to my mom's group and they said this one was comfy and easy to use. I always see moms out and about using these and looking so hands-free, so it can't be rocket science, right? (There is even a youtube video on how to do it)

Every registry should have that one item you don't expect to get, but register for anyways, just in case. Ours is this cozy rocking chair that Brian and I both loved.

These bottles are the BEST!! I always buy a package for new moms, because in my opinion there isn't anything better and they are some of the cheapest bottles out there. They lasted forever with Carson & never leaked.

How cute is this diaper bag?!? I had to convince Brian of this one b/c he didn't think it looked to manly. I beg to differ.
This mobile is SO cute! And the best feature is that it has a remote, so you can sneak in to turn it back on without baby realizing you are there. Hey, anything to keep a baby asleep, I am game.

To Brian's excitement, we were finally finished. I came home to look online at the items, and only the 14 I had registered for beforehand were there. I called for 2 days to find out the reason, and was helped on the fourth phone call, when the girl working at the store found someone living in Washington with my same name, who they had put our stuff on accidentally. We had to go through the whole list over the phone so that she could transfer the items, but we got it done.

Now, to start preparing the nursery & get a baby in it!

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