Friday, November 27, 2009

7 Months

We are seven months into the pregnancy! Deacon can open and blink his eyes which are now sporting newly grown lashes. He has grown to about 15 inches from head to heel, and weighs about 2 1/2 lbs (the weight of a Chinese cabbage).

I am in my third and final trimester, which typically is the most uncomfortable. So far most of the swelling has disappeared in my feet, but has been replaced with a little bit of back and pelvic discomfort. Overall I can't complain, I really do have great pregnancies! Starting now, I am visiting the doctor bi-weekly instead of monthly.

Posing in Deacon's newly painted nursery

How far along? 28 weeks
Weight gained: 21.5 lbs. (Already VERY close to the total amount I was hoping to gain for the whole pregnancy. We'll just blame it on the holidays... )
Mood: A little overwhelmed. The clock is ticking and I am getting nervous we won't have everything ready before Deacon's arrival.
Maternity clothes? Obviously still sporting them, a few of the smaller pants are getting a little snug around the belly.
Sleep: No problem here! :)
Energy Level: Not bad, although I am enjoying more naps on the weekend.
Best moments in the last month: Carson feeling the baby kick, registering for the baby shower, sharing the excitement with my students who are always asking questions about the pregnancy
Movement? He is getting to be a strong little kicker! I woke up the other night thinking someone had broken in our house and punched me in the stomach...nope, just Deacon saying hello. He also really gets excited when I drink orange juice.
Cravings: Not as bad this month - Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia Frozen Yogurt, ice water (I am like a camel with all the fluid I am drinking)
Belly button in or out: Getting flatter, but still in
Baby purchases this month: Paint for the nursery, crib bedding, rocking chair
What I miss: Honestly, not much...maybe the lack of back pain.
What I am looking forward to: continuing to prepare the nursery, the baby shower, Christmas

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