Friday, November 6, 2009

Boo Bash

How long has it been since you went to a junior high dance?? One of the fun parts of being a teacher is some of the stuff that goes on after school. We have an awesome Student Council at our school that puts on our dances, and for the first year they decided to have a halloween dance with costumes and all. Most of the students dressed up for the occasion, but what I found even funnier was the TEACHER'S costumes!! (I went as an unoriginal mouse, but how many costumes can you really find for preggos??) Due to confidentiality and permissions, I can't post their adorable pictures on here, but I did still get a few that were blog worthy.

This is Suzanna (dressed as an "emo"), she was my 8th grade math teacher when I was in junior high, and then my mentor my first year teaching:

Carson really loves to dance, so I couldn't go chaperon a dance and NOT invite him! Especially when costumes were involved! My parents brought him & my nephews up there for about an hour to join in the fun. Carson immediately got busy dancing:

He was happy as a...well...FROG! :)

Before they left my parents snapped a picture with Austin, me, & Kermit!

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Krist~Chun said...

You guys look adorable! And how cool is that you get to work with your own 8th grade math teacher!