Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Deacon's 2 Year Update

Deacon- You are TWO years old!!!

You weigh 27 lbs. and are 34.5 inches tall.

You wear size 4 diapers, 2T-3T shirts, 18-24 month pants, and size 7 shoes.

You take 5 ml of Valproic Acid (switched from 7.5 recently) and 1 ml of vitamin B6, both twice a day. You are the pickiest eater! Your favorite foods are ice cream, french toast, quesadillas, and cheetos, and you will eat some other foods that are sweet or have breading. You don't really like any fruits or juice, hate noodles and most meats. Dinner time is always an adventure with you, because one night you might eat something we give you, and then the next time we serve it you spit it out and want nothing to do with it... You still prefer to eat with your fingers, but will use a spoon if we put the food on it first.

You have become increasingly vocal each day and are starting to mimic sounds. You can say "mama," "dada," "bubba," and can make the sounds "h," "s," "la," and "ga." Now that you have learned to make kissing sounds, wave "Hiiiii," and blow raspberries, we are laughing with you all the time!
I think you may be our future musician! You love music, so any shows that have lots of songs are your favorites (Fresh Beat Band, Backyardigans, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse), but you get so mad at the tv when the song ends, that we will sometimes rewind for you to listen again.

You love playing in the bathtub, swinging, jumping on the trampoline with your brother, and any other activity that allows you to be outside. You are such a happy guy, we have nicknamed you "Smiley Face" because that is what you are always doing! The only time you get upset is when someone enters or leaves the house and you don't get to go outside (which is more frequent now that Carson and all his friends play together every day)!Sleeping is still one thing you do great! You are usually in bed by 8pm and will sleep until 9am, and then will take a 2-3 hour nap during the day. We are surprised that with how much you love climbing that you haven't tried to escape from your crib. You actually love playing in there and are perfectly content until we get you out. Some mornings/evenings we will lay in bed cracking up at the sounds we hear coming out of the monitor as you "talk" to your toys.

Physically, you are a superstar! You love to jump, throw (well, more like drop) toys, slide, wrestle with the boys, clap, and just figured out how to make yourself dizzy by spinning in circles. Climbing is your favorite activity, with your favorite spots being the tv stand, bathtub, toilet, and dishwasher door. We can only run the dishwasher while you are sleeping because you also like to turn the knobs on it while it is running.You are becoming more social, will follow us around the house, and come sit down next to us when you get tired of playing with toys. You will raise your arms to be picked up and have no problem stealing the spoon away from Dada when he is eating ice cream. You love girls who wear hairbows or anything sparkly, and last week you even played chase with a girl at Little Gym. We are working on having you look at us every time we say your name and clap twice when you want more of something.

I know they say two's are terrible, but so far we beg to differ! Your second year has started off with a bang, making us pray that this year will be renamed the "Terrific Two's"!!

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