Sunday, March 25, 2012

Dining Kid-Style

Earlier this week I had cabin fever so bad that I HAD to get out of the house! I didn't care where we went, as long as I got to see something other than the inside of our house. We decided on somewhere easy where the boys could play: McDonald's! They renovated the play area a couple of years back, so now instead of tubing to climb through, it is more like large boxes, big enough for adults to get in with toddlers if needed. Deacon usually doesn't like places with the tubing because he tries to stand up and then bumps his head. He loved this place and for the first time climbed all through the playground smiling and laughing. Carson made some friends and had fun playing too!

Brian was wonderful to get in there and help Deacon, while also capturing some great shots of the boys.

The night we received Deacon's EEG results we had dinner at a local Mexican restaurant to celebrate. The weather was gorgeous, which made outdoor dining a must, but the best thing about this place is that they have an inflatable obstacle course and just added mechanical bull riding! So while waiting for dinner, the kids were occupied! Our cowboy, Carson, rode a few times and Deacon had fun just getting to jump and explore.

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