Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring Sprouts

This may not be the most riveting blog, but we are thrilled about it! Mother nature amazes me every year as seasons change, but our little garden has been even more incredible to watch! I can tell the difference between morning and evening and can't help but photograph the progress.

After only a week of being planted, all of the seeds began to sprout!!
The next day, Brian told me to go outside and check out the garden, and I could already tell a difference!
...and again today! With as fast as things are growing, Brian added some lattice for our climbing plants to grab on to.
As a reward for our little project, we decided to add a fruit tree to our backyard too. Brian took our Cheeto boy shopping at a local nursery for a navel orange tree (and jalapeno plant).
We planted a magnolia tree a few years back that didn't make it, but we are hoping our little orange tree will! The blooms on it smell amazing.
I promise not to blog about our garden again until we have an actual piece of produce to show!


Madeline said...

Please keep us posted on the progress of the farm weekly. Its delightful. And keep us up to date on Cheeto Boy's involvement. During trying times, sometimes the simple things are most uplifting.

FYI. Hot pepper plants are decorative as well as functional. I grow varietals from the Caribbean and Europe in clay pots all around the deck and patio. I even over-winter many inside. They are delightful. Caribbean Habeneros are intense. Just keep them away from children and pets.

Recommendation: Yellow pear tomatoes.

Tell Farmer Brian not to overplant. It creates multiple issues.

Next thing - you'll have to get into canning. Best of luck.

The Scott Family said...

Thanks for the advice!