Tuesday, March 6, 2012

7 Month Pregnancy Update

How far along? 30 weeks

Mood: Rested! :)

Maternity clothes? Yes, along with my bellyband because even maternity clothes are having trouble covering my growing tummy and I refuse to buy more just to wear for two months!

Sleep: Still having trouble getting comfortable, and now also waking multiple times at night for visits to the bathroom, but other than that sleep is good...lol

Energy Level: Short spurts throughout the day.

Best moments in the last month: Getting to relax and enjoy my last few months of being pregnant and having a family of four.

Movement? You can see movements from the outside of my tummy when Bennett gets dancing!

Cravings: Milk, Big Red, and Bluebell ice cream

Baby purchases this month: All this free time has given me a chance to shop online! Baby bedding, a couple of ties for newborn pictures, a baby sling, mattress, and picked out a new double stroller today that my fabulous aunt is getting us!

What I miss: My coworkers and students

What I am looking forward to: Being able to resume normal activity!

Look how much my belly has grown, even from just last month!!!


happy's mommy said...

OMAdorableness! I looooved being preggo and think you just might be the cutest I've seen!


The Scott Family said...

You are so sweet, I feel gigantic!!