Monday, March 26, 2012

Sunday Extravaganza

When Brian and I first started dating, he and his friends hosted weekly "Sunday Extravaganzas" at their apartment pool. We would spend the day grilling and swimming. As everyone got married, had kids, and moved farther away from each other our Sunday get-togethers slowly stopped. This weekend I was reminded of how much fun it was when we had our own family version, by pulling out the sprinklers and boiling crawfish. A couple of Carson's friends from the neighborhood also joined us.

It's only March, but the weather here in Texas has been even warmer than usual. We got up to almost 90 degrees this weekend. We lathered the boys up in sunblock and they spent hours playing in the water.

When just playing in the sprinkler got old, they pulled it over near the trampoline and jumped in the showers.
Brian and I soaked up the sun while watching the boys and eating his best batch of crawfish yet. Carson loved the crawfish too and worked on shelling them himself, while Deacon munched on cheetos and popsicles.
In the midst of all of the fun, Carson and his friends agreed that it was the best day ever! :)

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