Saturday, April 30, 2011


We had a great Easter last weekend at my parents house in the country.

Carson dyed Easter Eggs, and they turned out gorgeous.

The Easter Bunny made sure to spoil the boys! (For some reason we weren't able to convince Meme to keep the Moon Dough at her house...)

Carson loved his goodies.

Deacon liked the eggs. He held, shook, and LOOKED at them!

...and then dropped it when he was over it.

Carson HAS to be the most amazing big brother ever. He would find a couple of eggs for himself, then bring some for Deacon's basket. I love that kid!

These past few months have really strengthened our relationship with God, and Brian and I both agree that we have never felt closer to Him. Our faith has grown so much from putting our son in His hands and seeing the miracles He has made. This Easter was the first time I truly understood the magnitude of the holiday, and the sacrifice that was made for each of us. Hope yours was fab too!

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