Monday, April 11, 2011

ONE Week!

God has been working on Deacon, I have no doubt.

I have been nervous about typing this blog, that maybe I might jinx something, but we are elated to share this news:

Deacon has been seizure-free for a WEEK!!!!

This past week has been nothing short of amazing! Deacon has gone from having up to TEN seizures a DAY (well, actually 40 before the medicine), to NONE for SEVEN!!

See that picture above? That has been his temperament ALL week! He is full of smiles, laughs, and the light has returned from behind his eyes. I can't even explain the changes we have seen in him in such a short time.

Maybe the medicine finally kicked in? Maybe the seizures have disappeared for good? There are cases where seizures stop with no explanation of where they went, or why they happened in the first place.

We are holding our breath and treasuring every moment. Please continue to pray. God IS listening and Deacon will be a testimony of how powerful prayer is.


Anonymous said...

Oh Jackie! That is such fantastic news! I am SO excited and happy for you guys. God is so good and you are such an amazing Mom as you've been on top of this from the beginning. I'm just so happy for you guys! -Care

Lorree said...

Praise the Lord! What wonderful news!

Nicole said...

That's great Jackie! Praise the almighty Lord!

Anonymous said...

YAY Deacon! So glad God is working his miracles on that cute little boy.

Jennifer Nixon said...

GREAT news Jackie!!!

Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

Celebrate EACH and EVERY seizure free day!!! That is wonderful news!!!