Sunday, April 10, 2011

Froberg's Farm

I am running so behind on my blogs...I have like 10 to write, but just haven't had time to! I am going to try to knock out a couple today, but we'll see how that goes.

THREE weeks ago we went to Froberg's Farm, which is known for their amazing strawberry fields. It is pretty close to our house, but we had never been before. Because the weather was so gorgeous, we took the opportunity to drive over and play farmers for the afternoon. James (our neighbor) is an honorary member of our family, and came too!

The way it works is that you purchase buckets for $1 and then fill them as full as you like, paying $2/lb. We figured 1 bucket would be plenty for us.

Before we started picking, one of the employees gave the boys tips for picking the best strawberries, so they were very selective in their choices.

As you can see, Deacon was a BIG help...

But he did wake up after we were done to play.

While Brian paid, the boys got to swing.

They even had cute strawberries for the guys to take their pictures in. :)

I would love to show a picture of the amazing dessert I created with the strawberries we picked, but ya, that didn't happen and we just ate the berries fresh...maybe next time...

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