Monday, April 18, 2011

2 WEEKS!!!

That's right, we are at two weeks with no seizures and life couldn't be better!! It is like the fog has cleared in Deacon's mind and he is doing fantastic!! Here's a few things he has already started doing so far:

  • Sounds: "e" & "m", I have been sick this past week and he is now fake coughing and clearing his throat too!

  • Social: The daycare was so excited because he lined up to go outside with the rest of the kids, instead of wandering around the room as usual. Deacon is staying in same room as us at home, and will even follow us around some. He is laughing in response to us and will mimic some sounds we make. Actually, he is loving us so much, he is waking up extra at night just to spend extra quality time together! We are loving it too, and have taken advantage by putting the little snuggle in bed with us.

  • Fine motor: Deacon has improved at retrieving his pacifier and bottle, and getting them back to his mouth. This may be because his thumb-tucking has decreased.

  • Vision: He is following us with his eyes and looking for items that have dropped instead of just searching with his hands. We also got a report from school that he watched them blowing bubbles for the first time!

  • Other: He can now jump off the ground with both feet!

The funny thing is that he has picked up a preference for us, and is a little less open with others. So while we are wanting to show off all the new successes with everyone, he is not as willing to demonstrate his new tricks! lol


Jess said...

SO very happy to hear that Deacon is making such progress!!!

Anonymous said...

What great news! He has made so much progress in just 2 weeks! Yay!

Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

This is wonderful news. It is AMAZING how much progress a child can make without seizures.