Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring Break, Part 1

Last month was Spring Break. When school let out on Friday, Brian picked me up with Carson, Deacon, and their cousin Austin already loaded for a trip to the country.

We just stayed for the weekend, but it was a nice break from reality and gave the boys an outlet to be, well, boys. My dad and Brian joined in the fun, reminding my mom and me just how outnumbered us girls are.

The main activities were wrestling, 4-wheeling,
and battling.

The battling included the use of plastic pellet guns, leaving the old men injured before the day ended (my dad by multiple battle wounds, and Brian from a hurt leg). My mom and I just sat back and laughed at the chaos.

On our way home we stopped by and visited Aunt Ruth. She has the biggest heart in the world, and is behind many of the prayers that have gone out for Deacon. He was excited to meet her, even if his face in the picture says otherwise. :)

Later in the week Carson picked how we spent our afternoon. Imagine my surpise when he chose the newly built Chuck-E-Cheese by our house. lol

Deacon sampled his first pizza ever while Carson spent the tokens.

Here was his reaction to the yumminess:

Because Deacon no longer is wearing glasses, his shaggy hair could also be eliminated!

The next day the weather got into the upper 70's and Carson felt that was sufficient for SPRINKLER TIME!!

He had so much fun, but the poor guy was shivering by the time he finished.

Our other outdoor activity consisted of lots of swinging!

Carson FINALLY learned to swing all by himself!!

We also installed Deacon's swing to our swingset and as you can see, he approved!

more to come...

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