Sunday, January 23, 2011

Still Going Strong

If you remember we left off with Carson's relationship here with his Christmas present to Maia.

After the holidays we took Carson to his first day back to daycare and the director had a present waiting for him at her desk. Guess who it was from???

Maia got him a cuddly Mario blanket!!

A few days later Carson arrived home with a picture that Maia colored especially for him:

Notice the heart she drew at the bottom!!!

Last weekend we went to Alyssa's birthday party, who you might remember from his birthday. She is absolutely gorgeous and loves Carson to pieces (along with a little boy who lives across the street from her). Her family knew all about Carson and I heard her telling her grandfather that Carson had told her that he could be her secret boyfriend as long as she didn't tell anyone!

When we left, I asked him about it and said "NO! She can be my EX-girlfriend, but Maia is my only girlfriend!" lol

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