Tuesday, January 4, 2011


We spent all day New Year's Eve shopping at the greatest place ever: Canton! One weekend a month a HUGE indoor/outdoor market opens up in a small town to sell any and everything! It was like a craft fair and flea market on crack and was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

The trip is less than 2 hours from my parents, so we woke up that morning and rode in a caravan out for a shopping adventure. Look how happy my parents were:


Because they drove in the nice, quiet car while we traveled with these guys:

all four boys!

The day started out looking overcast, but by the time we made it the sun had came out making the weather cool, but comfortable.

I had to capture a picture of my dad with his "man-purse."

We ate lunch at a Cajun restaurant within the grounds; they had the yummiest bread pudding and Cajun eggrolls.

We did some major shopping! Poor Deacon's stroller was overflowing with our purchases so early in the day that we had to make a trip to the car just to unload.

Due to my nephews bone disease, he has a hard time walking long distances, so we rented him a scooter to drive around. Brian came up with the bright idea to make a train using it and our stroller, causing quite a few people to stare before I made him stop.

We were wore out by the end of the day, but I made out with some great items at really nice prices.
Valentine's yard decor:

At only $12, I went ahead and bought the St. Patrick's Day too!

I have been needing something to put above my kitchen cabinets, and finally found it!

This was on clearance for $5:

And my VERY favorite purchase, a large picture to put above the couch made out of an old window pane:

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