Saturday, January 15, 2011

Monster Truck Jam

Brian took Carson and our neighbor, James, to the Monster Truck Jam last weekend, while I enjoyed a nice, quiet house with my mom and Deacon. I was so impressed when he arrived home with some pictures of the evening!

Brian stopped before to pick up some earplugs because this event is known to get pretty loud. Carson of course didn't want earplugs, so Brian bought him a dorky hat that had flaps to cover his ears. (Another reason I am glad I didn't go!)

Brian captured this photo on the way in:

We bought the tickets at a discount with a promo code a radio station was giving out, and the seats actually turned out to be good ones!

Carson's favorite truck of the evening was the Monster Mutt Dalmatian, with his floppy ears and tail:

Here is Superman flying through the air:

James' favorite was the Grave Digger:

...even after it flipped:

The boys had a blast! And then had just as much fun rolling on the hill with all of the kids after the show:

A perfect guys night out!

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