Monday, January 17, 2011

Deacon's EEG

One of our concerns that we shared with Deacon's pediatrician was that he startles a few times throughout the day and there will be nothing like loud noises that cause it. If he is sitting or standing when it happens he will usually fall forward for a couple of seconds. He referred us for an EEG to test for seizures.

Today Deacon and I went to Texas Children's Hospital for his appointment.

An EEG is the test where they stick little padded wires all over the scalp and test brain waves. They had Deacon lay in a bed with me and a bottle while they applied the wires. Then we laid still for about 30 minutes while they did their testing. At one point they flashed lights at him at different speeds to test his reaction. He did amazing and hardly moved or fussed.

When the test was over the technician came back in.

He said that during the test Deacon "startled" one time and he is 90% sure that it was caused by a seizure.

The neurologist was looking at the test and should be speaking with our pediatrician and hopefully we will get more information tomorrow like what might be causing them and medication for him to take. The MRI on Wednesday should also answer more questions.

We, of course, are devestated that the glasses aren't going to be the fix-all to our concerns. I'm terrified that this is the beginning of a list of medical issues for our baby. But, I am faithful and believe God isn't done answering prayers for Deacon.

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Jess said...

Thank you for sharing your families trials with us Jackie! You guys are strong in your faith and I know He will bring you through it! Sending thoughts your way!