Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Big Brother Eve

Before Deacon was born we celebrated "Big Brother Eve" with Carson, letting him enjoy his last day as an only child and deciding the plans. We kept the tradition going by spending some quality time with our two big brothers before Bennett arrives.

Brian and I surprised Carson and Deacon by picking them up early from school and driving down to Galveston. The weather was perfect! Our first stop was Carson's favorite restaurant, Rainforest Cafe. It may now be Deacon's favorite too!

We made it just in time to still get food from the lunch menu and of course, ended the meal with their famous dessert: the Volcano, a huge brownie sundae topped with a flaming sparkler.

After eating we rode on their adventure ride. Both boys LOVED it!

Then we loaded up and headed for the beach! I had packed a bag with bathing suits, but the guys were so excited that they were already in the water before we could get them changed!

Brian did an amazing job of holding on to Deacon! If it weren't for him, Deacon would have just taken off into the water to catch the biggest wave. He was fearless out there and even when the water would send him tumbling he would get right back up laughing his head off!

Carson was having so much fun I had to keep yelling for him to come back in closer because all of his wave jumping would send him farther and farther out into the water.
He didn't stay still long enough for me to capture many pictures, but as you can see he had a blast!

Luckily, we thought ahead to bring some stale bread with us too! I just know all the people on the beach were just as thrilled that we were feeding the birds...

We finished the afternoon with a free ride on the ferry! Carson loved feeling the wind in his face and said that he and Dada saw a dolphin and a crab out on the water.
I didn't notice until now that I played the role of photographer all day and wasn't in a single picture (not that I mind)! We had so much fun making our final memories as a family of four, I can't even imagine the joy another little boy is going to bring to our adventures!


Anonymous said...

What a neat tradition! All of your guys look so happy out there together!

Can't wait to "meet" Bennett!

The Scott Family said...

Thank you! I have looked at these pictures multiple times today just bc the boys are glowing with joy! I can't wait to "introduce" you to Bennett too! :)