Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bennett's Birthday Story

I had my final doctor appointment last Thursday, the 3rd, where my doctor gave the go-ahead for my induction the following day. The hospital was to call the next morning by 5am and let us know when to come in. They called at 4:30am and said they were full, but would call again by 8am. At 7:30am they asked how soon we could be there, and I told them we could make it within the hour.

We loaded up our bags, took one last picture of my belly, and were off!

My parents stayed home with Deacon, while Carson was at school. Brian's dad had knee replacement surgery earlier in the week, so they waited at home until we were close to delivering so that he wouldn't have to sit for too long.

We arrived and were checked in by 8:30am. The hardest part of delivery for me is the iv, so once we were past that, I was great. My doctor came by to check me shortly after that. She had a student doctor with her and asked if he could watch the birth (his FIRST birth to see EVER). If it would have been my first child there is no way I would have let him, but by the third, I honestly could care less...crazy how motherhood/childbirth does away with that modesty.

Sometime around noon they gave me my epidural. Dr. Bruce came by and broke my water then checked me again, estimating Bennett would arrive around 8pm. Brian and I passed the time watching the Game Show Network and napping.

Around 6pm I started to feel some pressure and when the nurse checked me I was dilated to 7 cm. About ten minutes later I was at a 10. Dr. Bruce arrived on her phone with two other rooms who also had mothers who were ready to go! Luckily, she loves us and decided to deliver Bennett first!

When I say delivery for me is easy, I am not kidding! We were literally cracking jokes in between pushes and giving the student doctor a hard time about this being his first birth. Three contractions later, Bennett Asher Scott arrived at 7:06pm.
Our healthy boy weighed in at 8lbs. 3oz. and measured 20 inches long.

The nurses were so nice and made hats for both the brothers with Bennett's footprints.
Like last time, the big brothers (wearing matching shirts) were the first ones in to see our new addition!
Deacon was more interested than I thought he would be!
Carson was glowing!

Next came the grandparents:

and Brian's cousin, Daryl:
Shortly after they left, Bennett went to the nursery to be checked out and bathed and we were moved to our room. After not being able to eat all day, I was starving, so we ordered a pizza while we watched Bennett sleep.

The next morning more visitors arrived! My coworker and friend, Stephanie:
My sister and nephews:

Our friends, Corey and Stacy:
and Lindsey:
Bennett looks like the perfect mixture of both his brothers. Carson's size and lips, Deacon's nose and cheeks. He has more hair than both his brothers and is in the middle for length and weight. Bennett is also a finger sucker, which is a first for us. He already loves his pacifier.
Brian's strong genes took over again and the baby of our family looks exactly like him! The only part of him that I gave was my long toes, but with any luck his feet will catch up just like his brothers did.
Welcome to our crazy family, sweet boy! We already love you so much!

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