Monday, May 21, 2012

Carson's Break

Last Monday Carson was running on the playground at recess when he tripped and rolled over his right shoulder. The nurse called to let me know that he had a little scrape and she gave him an ice pack, but he seemed to be fine and nothing appeared to be broken.

That afternoon when he came home from school he complained of it still hurting and laid down to take a nap. Carson never naps anymore, so I was a little concerned. The next morning he woke up and said it still felt bad. Because we had Deacon's appointment at the Autism Center that morning, I told Carson that if it was still bothering him we would go to an urgent care place after school.

When he got off the bus he was still in pain. Brian and I figured he had probably strained it, but I wanted to be sure, so off we went. The doctor gave Carson an x-ray:

...and surprise: he broke his clavicle! Poor baby.

The doctor gave Carson a sling and referred us to an orthopedic doctor to make a decision on what to do.

Our appointment was Thursday and went really well. The doctor said that because Carson is so young it will heal quickly. He suggested that Carson wear the sling as a reminder to him and his friends to be careful, but he really doesn't even need it. No wrestling, contact sports, or trampoline for the next month, but he can swim and use his arm to write with. He sure is a tough little guy!

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