Thursday, May 24, 2012

Out and About

With weeks like our last one (5 separate doctor appointments!) we have made sure our weekends are filled with a little more fun that allow us to get out of the house! We took Bennett on his very first visit to the zoo.

Brian took the older boys on the train while I sat with Bennett and the stroller.
The guys loved the aquarium!
Deacon was especially captivated...

It is already getting in the low 90's here in Houston, so the misters were a nice way to cool off! Carson made sure we stopped at every mister he could find.
Carson and Deacon spent the most time on the playground, which surprisingly wasn't too crowded.
At the petting zoo Deacon was more interested in sitting on the animals than actually petting them...
Carson always knows the best places to pose for a picture!
Besides the zoo, we have played in the mud at the neighbors...
and gotten soaked in the splash park.
Meanwhile, this is Bennett's best effort to participate:

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