Thursday, April 26, 2012

Writing Night

Carson had writing night at school a few weeks ago, where all the classes displayed their written work in the hallways. We were able to see Carson's teacher, Mrs. Barrington, who was serving cookies and punch.

It is funny how different the boys writing was from the girls! Some of the girls in kindergarten already had better handwriting than me and would write so much on their essays it would overflow onto another page! Carson was a typical boy and wrote a short sentence with handwriting that was still pretty hard to read. We are going to be spending lots of time this summer working on handwriting and adding some detail to his sentences, but nonetheless, I am proud of the progress he has made during his first year of school!

"If I had $100 I would... take it to the bank." - He is a smart little investor!!

Carson's translation: "Dear Mom and Dad, You are the best for letting me do whatever I want. Love, Carson" Ummm, ya...we had a talk about this one...I'm sure his teacher thinks we are parents of the year now!!

"If I were a butterfly...The butterfly tastes nectar with his feet." Glad I'm not a butterfly...

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