Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Birthday Weekend

Something about this time of year produces lots of babies, giving us a weekend full of celebrations. We had three parties to attend! First up: the Olive boys who celebrated their first birthday with a Dr. Seuss themed party.

Now that my craft room is partially set up, I pulled out my Silhouette and created personalized shirts for Drake and Hunter.
I figured since I already had all the materials out, I would go ahead and make similar outfits for Bennett.
I used the negative of the above image to monogram their other shirts.

While I stopped by the twins party, Brian headed over with our boys to my sister's house to prepare for my dad's surprise 60th birthday party. We had a crawfish boil in her backyard and invited my dad's sisters, old coworkers, and childhood friends of my sister and I.

My usual girl was already booked and couldn't do my dad's cake, so I put my sister in charge of ordering one. It turned out great and was really tasty. What is funny is that we couldn't decide what name to put on it because everyone calls him something different: John, Ray, Dad, and Pops, it was easier just to put:

Carson thought with Pop's old age he might need a little help blowing out his candles.

While Carson played with his cousin Austin, Deacon worked the crowd...

As the evening wound down, Ethan brought out the guitar and played some tunes. Deacon was intrigued.
Carson gave his impersonation of a guitar player...I don't think he will be attracting any girls with it, he may need to practice that look in the mirror.
The next day we went to Brian's parents to celebrate his grandmother's 93rd birthday!!! Her actual birthday is on May 5th, but we will most likely be at the hospital with our newborn and that same week Brian's dad is having knee surgery.
After lunch the boys got into their bathing suits and played in the hot tub. I wasn't sure how Deacon would do with floaties, but his head stayed above water and he had a blast swimming around while Carson searched for dive sticks.

We had a wonderful time celebrating four amazing birthdays ranging from 1 to 93!

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Jennifer Nixon said...

Sorry my dad didnt show. He really wanted to & had planned on it, but his allergies were out of control last weekend. He felt terrible & even looked it.