Thursday, April 5, 2012

All-Star Carson

With Spring comes sports! Carson's love of football made signing him up again easy, but with him already being 6 we were afraid that if we didn't expose him to t-ball he would miss the fundamentals. So, we decided to do t-ball too! The great thing about the league he is in is that they have practice and games on Saturdays, so we don't have to rush on weeknights to participate. But, having two practices AND two games all on Saturday is going to make for an interesting season!

T-ball starts at 10:15am, with a 30 minute practice, followed by an hour long game. Unlike football, t-ball is a lot slower paced with quite a bit of standing around...which makes for a lot of great photo opportunities! Carson looked so adorable in his uniform and hat that I couldn't help going crazy with the pics!
Did I mention that our neighbor, James is playing on Carson's team too??


I have him well trained for posing!

The boredom starting to set in

After practice, they had their first scrimmage. I liked the way they had it set up; the coach would pitch three balls to the players and if they didn't hit it then they would bring out the tee.Carson hit the pitch thrown to him!
Because it was a scrimmage, they didn't get anyone out, so every player got to run home twice! Carson was the last one at bat, so when he hit the ball all the players ran home, making it his first "grand slam!"

When the game was over, the team met up to pick a name. This is always my favorite part because they let the kids choose! The players threw out "Dragon Slayers," "Purple Team," "i-9ers," and Carson's contribution: "The Strikers." With Carson's power of persuasion, his team name was picked. :)
At 2:30pm was football! Out of all the flag football teams out there, Carson's team was the only one who didn't have a coach show up... Four dad's, including Brian, pitched in to help make it work. Because Carson is now 6 he moved up in divisions, taking him from the biggest and fastest, to the smallest and slowest. :( He is out there with 3rd graders!
He held his own though, pulling an opponets flag during their scrimmage.
We quickly learned that this season, Deacon isn't much of a spectator anymore and would prefer to run around the field, having us chase behind him. He and I left early for his speech evaluation, so I didn't get to see much of the scrimmage or witness the team-naming, which turned out to be "The Red-Hot Tornadoes."

By the end of the day, Carson was wore out, but he got plenty of exercise to burn off all that energy he has! (And I got some sun!)

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