Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Deacon's 1 Year Seizure-Free Anniversary

Yippee!! Tomorrow marks a year since we saw Deacon's last seizure!

I was able to get in touch with his neurologist today about his recent EEG too! He was blown away by the results. He said that the last EEG Deacon had in October was "horrible" and is amazed that this one showed no seizure activity, especially with the types of seizures he was having and his sodium receptors being abnormal.

I also discussed with him the changes we noticed in Deacon's communication when the dosage was decreased. What I haven't written on here, is that most of the words he picked up during that time have since disappeared again, leaving us with only a couple of sounds again... Dr. Foster was encouraged that he improved during that time, and suggested that we lower his dosage again and see how it goes! Between the wonderful EEG and the news of improvement with a decrease in dosage, Deacon's doctor thinks it is possible that whatever triggered the epilepsy may be gone and he could be free of it! We won't know anything for sure until we continue to decrease, and do more EEG's and MRI's to see if there is a change in seizure activity, but it is nice to have a glimmer of hope, especially with the loss of language the last few weeks!

Tomorrow is our appointment with Texas Children's Meyer Center, where we pray more optimism comes our way!

Happy Anniversary Baby D!

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