Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter 2012

We were able to spend Easter with both sets of grandparents this year! Unfortunately, a stomach bug hit this 9 months pregnant momma, keeping me from enjoying most of the festivities and instead toilet-hugging for 3 days... Brian and the g-parents did a great job helping our guys celebrate and took lots of photos, though!

Carson (with the help of Pops) did a great job decorating Easter eggs! If you look closely at the blue/yellow one, you can see that they included Deacon too!
Easter morning the boys woke up to Easter baskets and confetti eggs.
Deacon was captivated (well, at least for a few seconds!)
Carson got more candy than he will ever eat, but the kids in the neighborhood are happy to help him out...
On their first egg hunt, Carson didn't have too much competition with Deacon, and took his time looking for eggs. And for the first time ever, I think we found them all! Usually my mom will find a couple in the flower beds months later, but the number the Easter Bunny told us matched the number we found!
Because Deacon wasn't super dedicated to the hunt, Carson was an amazing big brother and would share some of his finds with Deacon. :)
Deacon was happy to just sit back and let the eggs come to him! lol

Next, we headed to Brian's parents, where baskets were waiting!
Grandma made a fantastic lunch, then the boys and their cousins set out for their next egg hunt!

We have started a fun tradition over at their house for the grown-ups: after the kids find all the eggs, they empty out their money and hide the eggs for the adults while we wait inside. The adults are hard-core about the hunt and winner gets money! If only I wasn't sick and pregnant, I would have won! It's on next year!


Tom said...

Nothing like the smell of hard boiled eggs to send an already sickly pregnant lady over the edge! My wife got sick from the smell of pizza rolls & with all boys in the house it was hard for us all to give them up (we had withdrawals)
I love your blog! Such a great family you have!

The Scott Family said...

Thank you! I think what did it was a recipe for cadbury egg filled cupcakes we found on pinterest. Just typing that makes me least it will keep me away from those calories next Easter!