Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Photography Session

We have been wanting to get the boys photos taken for a while, but didn't want the posed studio look. Because Deacon is hard to capture on camera I wanted to find a photographer who is really patient and could capture our guys being themselves. After mentioning this delimna with Deacon's therapists they recommended a photographer that has worked with some of their other kiddos and gotten great results.

I am beside myself on how gorgeous the pictures look and have already decided that our house is basically going to become a shrine to our children because there is no possible way I can choose only one or two to hang.

Carey Anne gave such a sweet write up about our family and posted some of her favorite images which can be checked out at careyannephotography.com. I can't wait to share the other fabulous photos she snapped!!

Holidays are just around the corner and photos always make the best gifts, so those of you who live around Houston need to get on the ball to book a shoot with her! (Her senior photos are fabulous too!)


West of Home, South of Sanity said...

Thanks, Jackie, for having such adorable boys! ;)

The Scott Family said...

We love you! Thank you for your gorgeous work that will be hanging on our walls for years to come!