Sunday, July 31, 2011

Extreme Pantry Makeover

Umm, so I can't believe I am posting the before picture of what our pantry looked like last week...all I can say is hot mess:

We moved in our house in 2006, and I swear there was stuff hidden in the back with expiration dates not long after that. It was time for a pantry renovation to happen and we found our inspiration here and here.

We started by repainting our shelves:

Brian and I experienced our first wallpaper application. It was a little intimidating, but wasn't hard, just time consuming. We found the wallpaper at Lowes for $20 and purchased two rolls, which was more than enough.

It took about 5 days total, but we are finally finished!

The wallpaper is my favorite part! I could seriously just sit and stare at the prettiness!

On to the purchases:

Bed, Bath & Beyond: $4.99 (for paper towels, plates, cups, and silverware)

Walmart: $4.87

Walmart: I think like $2 (to hold all those seasoning packets, corn starch, etc.)

This was part of a 6 piece set (including the pic below): I think $8ish

(yes, we are all about generics for our canned food)

Walmart: $5/each

Bed, Bath, & Beyond: Set for $19.99 (saw a similar set at Walmart for $15.99)

Ikea: Large jars- $4.99, Small Jars- $3.99 (the thousands of discovered boxes of Hamburger Helper are hidden behind)

Ikea: $17.99 (holds trash bags, foil, etc.)

Ikea: Metal Planter, found in garden section- $8.99 (filled with sauces, oils, etc.)

Ikea: Small Planter, also in garden section- $1.99 (Brian hung on the wall, for beverage mixes & popcorn)

Ikea: $12.99/each (one for baking supplies, the other for chips)

Bed, Bath, & Beyond: Turntable - $7.99/each

I cannot wait to use my new Silhouette to label all of the containers too!


Tammy said...

Great Job! My pantry is overdue for a makeover too. You had some good ideas for storage containers. I might have to implement some of those when I makeover mine. Thanks for sharing!!

The Scott's Crib said...

Oh I love the wallpaper...much quicker than stenciling. Great job!