Monday, July 18, 2011

Femme Fatale??

There aren't many concerts that I MUST attend, but Britney Spears is one. If you remember here, she can put on a concert of a lifetime! But maybe that is the problem, her best concert days might just be over...

I almost didn't go to her recent concert because my Britney Spears concert buddy, Tracey, would be out of town when she was here performing. Then Groupon had tickets for half off, only $25/each, so I went ahead and bought tickets before inviting my friend Ashley, who deserves a break after recently having twins! Luckily, she has a wonderful husband and was able to come.

We stopped at Staples first to get their last day of penny sale items, ate dinner downtown, and still arrived with enough time to get some freebies from the local radio stations and buy a concert shirt. These events were much more exciting than the "main event."

We ran into our coworker, Justin!

Free Big Red

Our seats

Since I purchase our seats on sale, I knew they wouldn't be fabulous. We were on the next from the top row, but could still see the stage pretty well.

Notice everyone SITTING!?!


I was slightly disappointed by the concert. I thought maybe it was just an off night, or that we didn't have great seats, so when I got home I googled reviews. The majority reflected what I was thinking:

Britney just didn't seem like herself. She spent the majority of the concert sitting on some type of prop, walking the stage, posing, or tossing her hair. I go to her concert knowing she will be lip-synching throughout because she is performing, but if she doesn't even do that, then what is the point? Even worse, she slowed the tempo of the majority of her dance hits, making them awkward to sing along or dance to. By the middle of the concert our entire section and the ones around us were sitting.


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Anonymous said...

Last time I saw Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, I stopped on my way to work and bought a single ticket on the morning of the concert. That took a little thought - $180, 10 years ago. 3rd row center. No one could stay in their seats. Oh, it got a little smokey, not so much to my liking, in an enormous venue in St. Louis. I'd do it again tomorrow, if I wasn't unemployed (drat for lots of reasons). I still have CSNY ticket stubs for $12, and those were high end back then. I'm really showing my age.

Even $25 is a lot of money for a crummy show and crummy seats. At least you were with a good friend and went to the dollar store.